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We ship freight from Miami twice weekly, for businesses and individuals.

Address your shipment to*:

  Caribbean Creations - Cayman

  c/o Thompson Line
  9505 NW 108 Avenue
  Medley, FL, 33178

If there is room in one of the Shipping Address fields to put your name, please do so.

No worries, if not, just ensure you send us a copy of the Tracking Number along with the Invoice. 

Send a copy of the invoice*:

* Please ensure that the value of the inland freight is noted on the invoice.

If the inland freight is offered free of charge, ensure that is clearly indicated.

Send us the tracking number:


Sending us the tracking number is the best way to ensure the quickest delivery possible. 

Receiving and Delivery:

Caribbean Creations will take care of all logistics in getting your packages to you, including:

Customs Clearance, Port Pick-Up, Payment of Shipping Fees and, Delivery to your Door.

Handling Charge:

5% of all fees paid on your behalf (shipping, customs duties, port and insurance charges). There is a minimum handling fee of USD $75.00 for small deliveries, and USD $150.00 for large or out of town (George Town area) deliveries.

You should receive your items within 5-10 days after arriving at the above Medley, FL. address.
  A copy

of your invoice will accompany delivery of your items. Upon receipt of goods, your total bill is due.

All charges are billed in USD. We convert at .84 and accept cash, check, or wire transfer via Scotiabank.